Dry January has become a popular tradition, a collective movement to avoid alcohol throughout the month of January. The benefits range from saving money and losing weight to restoring clarity and willpower for the year’s resolutions. Some want to stave off seasonal depression or give their liver and blood pressure a break after the holiday season. 

For others, Dry January is a way to dip a toe into sobriety, to step back and gauge how alcohol is affecting their daily lives. 

It’s easy to think you’re okay with alcohol if you can stop drinking for an extended period of time, like the 31 days of January. However, it’s common for those with drinking problems to quit for long periods. Completing Dry January doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore your relationship with alcohol. The questions to ask are, how hard was it to stop drinking, and when you start drinking again, do you fall into unhealthy habits?

If stepping back from alcohol has been difficult, it’s time to take a deeper look at how, when, and why you drink. Last April, we posted 10 questions to ask to consider if your drinking is a problem. When you drink, do you binge or engage in risky behavior? How are your finances and relationships impacted? How do you feel when you aren’t drinking? Find the full list of questions here

If you find yourself nodding or feeling frustration and discomfort around these questions, it may be time to consider a positive change and bring the best of Dry January into the whole year. Professionals at Mahajan Therapeutics are ready to help you at every step of the journey, from individual and group counseling to sober living. 

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