We all experience stress; it’s part of life. However, when stress bridges into a chronic state of worry that kicks off a variety of other disruptive symptoms, it might be an anxiety disorder.

Several types of anxiety disorders have been identified. It’s possible to struggle with more than one, and anxiety manifests differently for different people. However, in general, anxiety is highly treatable. Therapy, medication, relaxation techniques, support communities, along with herbal remedies, exercise, and dietary changes can all provide relief.

Without treatment, the effects of anxiety can have a corrosive effect. This post is about the reach of untreated anxiety and why treatment is essential.

Physical and Mental Health
Anxiety causes a host of physical symptoms, from sweating, dry mouth, trembling, and muscle aches to potentially show-stopping issues like fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, and gastrointestinal distress. Additionally, studies have shown that people with untreated anxiety have a higher risk of developing depression and substance abuse disorders.

Managing anxiety’s effects can sap the energy needed to nurture relationships. Anxiety may also cause avoidance of social settings. This can kick off a cycle where a lack of social connections serves to deepen anxiety, which, in turn, further pulls us away from loved ones.

Friendships have long been linked to overall well-being and a healthy sense of purpose, along with physical benefits like lower blood pressure.

Career and Future
Untreated anxiety can lead to worsening concentration and sleep deprivation, resulting in more sick days and lower productivity. Long-term, these symptoms can impair one’s ability to thrive at school and work and may become serious impediments to success.

Lastly, untreated anxiety has been correlated with a higher risk for dementia, putting your golden years at risk.

Don’t let anxiety rob you of a fulfilling life! Learn more about anxiety disorders and treatments here.

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