Here’s 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

It can be difficult to know when you have a problem, and harder still to admit when you need help. However, it’s important to understand dependency so that it can be addressed as soon as possible. If you suspect that you have an unhealthy reliance on alcohol, please ask yourself the following questions:

Is it difficult to stop yourself from consuming alcohol? Once you’ve had a drink, does it lead to a binge? Do you find that you have an increasingly difficult time stopping yourself? Do you feel an impulse to drink more?

Do you need to drink more alcohol to experience its effects? Did your nightly glass of wine turn into four? Do you find that you need to pre-drink before an event or an outing to feel impacted by alcohol? If so, you might be experiencing an increased alcohol tolerance.

Have your relationships been negatively impacted by your alcohol consumption? Have your relationships changed due to your drinking habits? Do you find that you’re increasingly combative, or have you gotten into fights with friends and loved ones while drinking?

Do you become fixated on drinking? While it’s normal to daydream about a vacation away or a relaxing dinner at home, do you find you that your mind wanders to the thought of drinking? Do you imagine what it will be like when you have your drink, and become fixated on when that next drink will come?

Do you drink alone? Did your once social activity of a beer or cocktail with friends turn into solo drinking sessions at home? Do you isolate yourself so that you can drink without judgment?

Have you become less productive? Do you find it difficult to stay on task, or are you sleeping odd hours? Does time get away from you when you’re drinking? Have you missed deadlines and found that you’re scrambling last minute or making excuses for the quality or quantity of your work?

Has your drinking impacted you financially? Have you found that you’re missing money or spending excessively when you drink? Have you spent money you didn’t have on alcohol because you liked the way it made you feel?

Do you engage in risky behavior? Have you driven while intoxicated, or engaged in a physical relationship that you wouldn’t have otherwise? Do you find that reduced inhibitions have led to you engaging in behavior that you wouldn’t while sober?

Have you felt unwell when you’re not drinking? Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had a drink? Do you feel shaky, feverish, or sick to your stomach if you haven’t consumed alcohol?

What Now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that your consumption of alcohol is impacting your life, and you’d benefit from professionals that understand. Mahajan Therapeutics is ready to help you on every step of your journey. From individual and group counseling to sober living, we’re here for you. 

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