Mahajan Therapeutics is proud to announce that we now offer primary care. From routine medical appointments to preventative and urgent care visits, we provide care for individuals and families alike. Our world-class medical professionals are ready to provide expert care to you and your loved ones today. 


What is Primary Care?  


Primary Care is direct healthcare between patients and medical professionals. Our team of nurses, doctors and practitioners are ready to provide you with outstanding care no matter your medical need. In fact, most concerns can be fully addressed in office. However, should you require a referral to a specialist, our network of dedicated professionals will ensure that you receive outstanding care both inside and outside of our offices. 


Why is Primary Care Important?


Preventative care is essential to your wellness. Through primary care, we’re able to monitor your health closely and assist in any medical needs that may arise. From the common cold and broken bones, to diabetes, metabolic disorders, family medicine and disease management, we provide professional and thoughtful care that keeps you on track. 


We can also help manage, prevent and combat the effects of emerging diseases like COVID-19. By staying at the forefront of medical care, Mahajan Therapeutics Primary Care is able to keep you and your family safe and healthy. 


How Centralized Care Benefits You


Centralizing your care is incredibly beneficial. Through a whole-person approach, we provide holistic care that helps to ensure that your health is monitored closely and concerns aren’t missed. This can be lifesaving, as spreading care between multiple practices may leave patients vulnerable. By keeping your care within Mahajan Therapeutics, your healthcare is streamlined and your quality of care is increased. 


How You Can Begin Care


Since we offer care for the whole family, we understand that it can be confusing (and even intimidating) to begin care with a new office. If you have multiple family members seeking care, you may not know how to get started. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure that our primary care services are accessible to all. As with each of our services, we remain committed to proving outstanding care to every person. We accept Medicaid insurance, and believe in care for all people, regardless of income. Through providing outstanding care right here in Ohio, we’re keeping our communities healthy. 


Join us in our mission by scheduling a primary care appointment today