My name is Kyam Matthews, and I’m from Portsmouth, Ohio. Many things brought me to recovery, but nothing more so than the desperation I experienced. I couldn’t live the way I was living, as I was only existing. My life without alcohol and drugs felt miserable. I was in an endless cycle of abuse. 


My life changed when I began receiving a level of care that I hadn’t received previously. I received support that met me where I was, and saw me as a complete person. I found that care in Mahajan Therapeutics; I didn’t feel like a number or an object in their program. I felt like me. I just felt like me getting the help I needed. The staff called my faults out openly, and held me accountable without causing me to enter spaces of shame. They went above and beyond to help me succeed. They provided transportation when I needed it, a safe and healthy living environment, and the tools I needed to communicate openly with my family. Mahajan helped me heal myself, and my relationships. They provided me with a solution, and helped me pave a path to walk in that solution. 


I remain an addict. Mahajan has kept me accountable in a loving and caring way that taught me what love was. I learned how to trust. I didn’t want to change my lifestyle. I wanted to change the consequences. Through their program, I learned what I needed to heal the root of my addiction. I didn’t know what recovery looked like. I only knew survival. Mahajan taught me how to live—as a person in recovery, but also as a man. They helped me see who I was, and the person I could be in the future.  


The best advice I could give someone who is struggling with addiction is this: trust someone. Trust professionals to get you the help you need. The way of life you’re living now will always be there, and you don’t risk losing it. But, if you don’t try, you risk losing all the life you could live as a sober person. My life and relationships have completely changed. I feel I give back to my family. I no longer am taking from them. My life no longer is self-focused. I feel purposeful, and I feel successful. I feel free. 


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