People find their recovery through many different paths. At Mahajan Therapeutics, we believe in the power of each story. Today we share Raylyn’s. Her courage amazes us, and far outweighs her years.  

This is her story. 

I grew up in Ohio. When I was using, I became homeless and turned to prostitution to support my addiction. I began doing anything I could to chase a high I would never be able to match again. I had met people who had discussed treatment with me, but I was wary of it. I was deeply entrenched into the lifestyle of an addict, and wasn’t ready for change. 

I finally mustered the courage to learn more about treatment after finding myself in total desperation. I no longer had possessions, I didn’t have clothes, I didn’t care for myself, and I barely bothered to eat. I was dirty. I was miserable. I was lost. That’s when I knew I needed help, and when I knew I needed treatment. 

As soon as I completed my original treatment program, I turned to Mahajan Therapeutics. I didn’t know how to be a functioning member of society. I felt lost again. I may have been sober, but I didn’t know how to function as a sober Raylyn. At first, I wasn’t serious. I hate to admit that, but I think it’s important to be honest. My case manager continued to support me, and helped me re-enter sober living whenever I struggled. 

While I didn’t realize it at the time, those acts of kindness, those acts of advocation on my behalf changed my life. She believed in me when I was ready to give up on myself, and that help stayed with me through any struggles I had through my sobriety. Any time I left sober living, any time I struggled with my addiction, I was reminded that Mahajan was there for me. I hadn’t experienced that before. A feeling of true compassion. I had previously felt as though I had been given up on more times than I could count, and my case manager never gave up. She was my constant. When I think back to that, I’m moved to tears, and I’m eternally grateful. 

Mahajan has gone to great lengths to ensure that I succeed. They have helped me maintain my sobriety, manage my mental health, and find work. Without them I cannot imagine where I would be today. I credit Mahajan for making me realize my worth. 

I will forever be grateful. 

If you’re considering treatment and are struggling, I hope that you don’t give up on yourself, and you consider your worth. I hope you understand through my story that I was in your shoes. I hope that you think of your mental health and understand the ways in which it is interconnected to addiction. I hope that you don’t blame yourself, and give yourself the chance to forgive the mistakes you’ve made. 

We all need support. We all need coping skills. We all need to better ourselves. There is no shame in help, no shame in mental health care and medications that support mental health concerns either. Please give yourself room to get the help you need. Don’t do it alone. Support through Mahajan Therapeutics could change your life. 

Reach out today. We’re here for you.