Do you find that your mood shifts when the temperatures drop and the skies gray? Have your energy levels dwindled? Do you feel depressed until summer warms your skin? You may be dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which may be heightened by the isolation of COVID-19.


Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

According to the Mayo Clinic, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is defined as a type of depression that begins and ends with the seasons. SAD typically begins as temperatures cool in the fall, and most often continues through winter. While SAD during spring and early summer is less common, it is possible to deal with SAD during any continued dreary periods. 


Did you know that SAD is more common in women, and those who live far from the equator? It’s true! Yale found that just 1% of people living in Florida suffered with SAD, while 9% of those in Alaska did. Symptoms of SAD can range from mild to severe, and should be taken seriously. Understanding SAD, and the triggers you may experience during the colder months, is essential and can help you cope. 


How to Cope with SAD


You don’t have to suffer through the symptoms of SAD alone, as there are several options for dealing with the disorder. Phototherapy (light therapy) has proven effective in combating the impact of SAD, and the lamps can be very affordable. They can be found at major online retailers, and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Adding light during the chilly months may not be enough, however. Those with SAD may benefit from therapy and medications including antidepressants. This is why It’s so important that you speak with medical professionals about your case to find the best treatment plan for your particular needs.


SAD and the Impact of COVID-19


SAD can make one feel isolated and alone, add the impact of COVID-19 into the mix, and the result can be dramatic. In fact, Yale medicine found that COVID-19 caused an increase of depression and anxiety in the general population, and flagged the potential collision between SAD and the novel coronavirus as especially worrying. 


Citing the research of the World Health Organization, they argue that mental health care is crucial during this unprecedented time, as existing difficulties are increased and new struggles are formed. 

How to Seek Help


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