Mahajan Therapeutics is thankful to have outstanding team members. We believe it’s important to spotlight their stories. Today we share the story of Mandi. Mandi’s forthrightness and compassion are just part of what make her such an asset to us. 

At Mahajan Therapeutics, we believe in the power of a person’s journey, as it may light the way for others to follow. 

Here is her story:

Mandi had always wanted to be part of the treatment field. She had taken part in treatment herself. Several times. In fact, she attended six inpatient facilities, and experienced numerous detox programs and incarcerations. She continued to work on her sobriety and always kept sight of her goal of helping others who had been in her position. Mandi was determined; she wanted to ensure that addicts never felt alone, and that they understood they were no different than her. She wanted them to feel worthy of getting the help they needed. 

When Mandi was working at a treatment center as a Residential Assistant (RA), she never quite felt like she was where she needed to be. She didn’t feel like she was helping her clients in a way that was meaningful and measurable to her. Unsatisfied with her role, Mandi reached out to a counselor at Mahajan Therapeutics, and inquired about a position. Since they had been acquainted through her sobriety work, Mandi knew the value she could offer Mahajan Therapeutics, and understood that she would be an appropriate fit. Resolute in her goals, she continued to inquire about job openings for weeks until she received an interview, where she was promptly hired. 

Mandi began her work at Mahajan Therapeutics with our sober living program. She felt it placed her exactly where she needed to be, as her work allowed her to share personal experiences of strength and hope with her clients. She was able to relate to them, connect with them, and find the meaningful work that had previously escaped her. Mandi felt that her lived experiences allowed her to connect in a deeper way to her clients, and allowed them to see that no matter how far they had “fallen” into their addiction, that they could always live a life of recovery and sobriety. 

Mandi believes that anyone is capable of recovery, if they put forth the effort, and that addiction doesn’t discriminate. Mandi stresses that addiction doesn’t care about your social class or finances, stating that it can impact any person at any time. To this end, the best advice that Mandi would give someone struggling with addiction is to reach out. She believes that many people are willing to help, and yet too few seek it. Above all else, she wants anyone who struggles to know that they are not a burden. 

Mandi cares deeply about mental health, and is a staunch mental health advocate, citing the programs at Mahajan Therapeutics for helping to get to the root of her addiction, and believes that without mental health focused recovery programs, relapses are inventible. Mandi assets that until the root cause of the problem is addressed, drugs will continue to be used to mask underlying mental health struggles, and the cycle will continue. Mandi explains that it was only once she was able to work on her depression that she was truly able to recover from her addiction. 

Mandi works hard to ensure that people know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters what you work towards. 

Mandi is living proof of this. She has changed her life. She is now happily married with children, and a career she loves. Mandi loves her work. She loves helping others see their worth. She cites these accomplishments as things she prayed for, and things that she had previously felt were out of reach when she found herself unhoused, homeless and living under a bridge.

She is grateful to live a life that is impactful to so many. 

If you are struggling, reach out today. There is hope. There is a future for you. 

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