Ready to quit smoking for good? This post explores why that’s a great idea and shares tips for putting cigarettes in your past.

Why Quit Now?

The moment you quit smoking is the moment your health and quality of life will begin to improve. Your body starts to repair itself the day you stop smoking. As more oxygen reaches your system, your blood pressure and heart rate lower, resulting in less stress and anxiety. Within a few days, your senses of taste and smell will improve, letting you enjoy life more. Plus, you’ll smell better, too!

Within a few weeks, your blood flow and immune system will be improved. Stay on track to dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, heart attack, lung disease, and stroke, among other serious health concerns impacted by smoking.

The day you quit is also the day you’ll start saving money. It’s amazing how fast even a pack a day adds up financially. If you haven’t taken an honest look at how much you spend on cigarettes, check out this calculator to see how fast a few dollars a day add up – and how much of your money is going up in smoke.

You know why it’s a good idea to quit. Now let’s look at how.

Tips for Quitting

New approaches and resources are constantly being developed to help people quit smoking, from medical intervention to therapy.

  1. Be Yourself…Without Cigarettes

We now know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to changing an addictive habit. Exploring your unique relationship with smoking will help you map your success. When do you smoke? What do you like about it? What will you miss? When you know which parts of your routine trigger cravings, you can actively redirect and integrate healthier habits.

For instance, if you usually smoke first thing in the morning, on your commute, or during a break at work, fill that time with a deep breathing exercise, short walk, phone call to a supportive friend or another activity that bumps you off the path that used to lead to cigarettes. The idea is to replace smoking with healthy habits; avoid other destructive substances or habits that could ultimately lower your willpower to stay smoke-free.

None of this might sound as fun or easy as lighting a cigarette, but keep your eye on the prize: think about the money you’re saving or how you’ll no longer be living a life controlled by your cravings.

  1. Get Help

Help is out there. Talk to your doctor about medications to ease cravings. Work with a hypnotherapist to reframe your thinking around smoking. Recruit a small group of supportive people to hold you accountable for your goals. Locate local smoking-cessation groups. Check out apps and hotlines in service to help you stay on track.

  1. Exercise!

Exercise rapidly trains your body to feel good without cigarettes and has been shown to lower cravings. Whether you join a gym, attend a yoga class at a community center, connect with a local hiking group, or simply set aside 20 minutes each day to take a walk, you’ll see incredible benefits from increased physical activity.

Plan to Succeed

If updating your life feels overwhelming, Mahajan Therapeutics can help connect you with resources and build a plan for success. Contact us today to discuss your individual journey.